Accept to Enter

My Role
technical lead
art direction

Changing the pop-up to a protest sign.

We put the universally hated cookie pop-up to good use and changed it into a protest sign. We asked you to accept human rights; to explicitly ban discrimination and violence against the LGBTQ+ community by constitutional law. Something that has not yet been legally established in the Netherlands.We developed a plugin for brands to add the Accept to Enter pop-up to their website. In just one week we developed the campaign and pop-up tool from idea to finish. Within days after that it grew into a national movement with the support of more than 65 high profile brands.

We started a digital revolution!

And it worked!

In December 2021, the new Dutch government pledged to enshrine LGTBQ+ rights in the constitution. So that love will be protected. Now and in the future.


Webby (nomination)
Lovies (3x bronze, 1x people's choice)