Pregnancy Week

My Role
art direction
Moxie Amsterdam

Stokke® is a global brand known for its unique, functional, and sustainable children's products. The wooden Tripp Trapp® chair and the Xplory® stroller are the most well-known products in the Netherlands. In order to bring the key products from the entire Stokke® range to the forefront of the target audience's mindset, I developed a communication strategy and content plan, and we collaborated with dutch TV show Koffietijd by becoming the main sponsor of their Pregnancy Week.

The importance of a strong connection

The primary message is that Stokke® products, like no other, foster a strong connection with your child while also emphasizing the importance of that strong connection. Secondarily, we focused on the full product range. Stokke® truly offers everything for your child at every stage of their development.

Telling the story - online and offline

Together with production company Talpa, we maximized the sponsorship by creating a number of beautiful stories and (online) items about fostering the connection with your child and the role of Stokke to encourage that connection. Within my communication strategy and the possibilities of the sponsorship, we created the following items:

  • A Facebook activation: over 200 personal pregnancy stories were submitted, from which we chose two families to highlight in the program.
  • 5 branded TV segments, each approximately 5 minutes long.
  • 5 break bumpers ("Koffietijd is made possible by").
  • 8 editorial web articles.
  • Stokke branding on the Koffietijd website.
Left: photoshoot in themepark Efteling focussing on connection and the height of the stroller. Right: behind the scenes of a couple's interview.

Real stories about connection in a storybook setting

Every working day, we had a segment on Koffietijd that I thoroughly prepared and guided. Through Facebook, we encouraged young parents to submit their authentic stories about the connection with their child. Subsequently, we selected two families to follow on location in the Efteling amusement park and Dierenpark Amersfoort zoo, where the Stokke products and the connection story were perfectly showcased.

Live items in the studio

The remaining three segments were recorded live in the Koffietijd villa and included the latest baby furniture trends in a fully furnished nursery, an exclusive report on the launch of the Stokke® Steps™, and a mother and child fashion show.

Above: We created a Stokke nursery in the Koffietijd studio. Below: the live item about the Tripp Trapp® chair and the introduction of Stokke® Steps™.
A selection of articles that were added to the Koffietijd website, providing further exploration of the product range.

Guiding the project from A to Z

In addition to developing the communication strategy, I was also responsible for the scripts, shoot coordination, location scouting, negotiations with the locations, editing the web items, design of the Facebook activation and break bumpers, and overall art direction.