Leven in de Brouwerij

My Role
content strategy
art direction

From a report about the future - to a script for a feature

Climate change, cyber attacks and a pandemic. Future analysts of ABN AMRO have predicted for years the enormous impact it would have on businesses. But business owners never really came into action. So how do you move an audience that doesn't have time for large reports? By make the subject relatable. ABN AMRO introduces the short feature: 'Leven in de Brouwerij'.

A trailer that would suit a business thriller on Netflix

For an entrepeneur to be successful he or she doesn't just need to think about tomorrow or next week, but far beyond. Into the future. In the short feature - based on the report by ABN AMRO - we activate entrepeneurs to think about their own future and take action - with a little help from ABN AMRO.

(Interactive) content

The trailer 'Leven in de Brouwerij' was published on Youtube and promoted with a digital content campaign. In a branded content series on business website NRC and on ABN AMRO's own social channels experts gave context and advise. With the digital team I created interactive banners and social stories and posts that triggered entrepeneurs to think about their own business and their plans for the future - with some help from ABN AMRO.


2x Lovie Awards