The Dark Side of Money

My Role
art direction
technical lead

Dirty money stains everything

The Dutch financial system is being misused by criminals for fraud and money laundering. Just last year, 16 billion euros was laundered through Dutch banks illegally. Dirty money that is used to finance drug trade, human trafficking and terrorism. Resulting in many innocent victims.

ABN AMRO employs over 2000 analysts to hunt for this dirty money. Armed only with their hands and eyes, they scroll through endless transactions. Looking for the smallest irregularities. But they need reinforcements...

Case film

The devil is in the details

The film deliberately contains small irregularities, which are all signs of fraud and money laundering. Viewers who spotted them were offered a job as a financial crime analyst. An online campaign promoted the movie and challenged people to find them all. This approach cleverly serves two purposes: It brought the brutal reality of financial crime to life and was an activation mechanism to help ABN AMRO find the right people to make our financial system safer.


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